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Bonfires on the Beach!

Finding a new nighttime activity while on vacation should not be something hard to do. Making sure that every part of the family is included, or that all of the friends that have traveled with you are being entertained can be easily done when you take a night to make your own bonfire right on the beach! Bring down your entire s'more making equipment and a cooler with your favorite drinks. There is nothing like closing out your night by sitting with your toes in the sand, watching those night time waves come crashing on the shore, while you and your closest friends and family members sit in a circle to talk about those favorite vacation memories around the beautiful beach flames.

The best thing about this nighttime activity is that it can be cheap and easy to do! We found that it was very quick and easy to build the fire ourselves when staying in Miramar Beach in Walton County. If you are staying in that location, head to to purchase your permit. Then take a trip down to the local Wal-Mart or Bass Pro Shops to purchase your fire pit, wood and anything else you need to get the fire started. Always be sure to keep the beaches crystal clean once finished with your bonfire by properly ridding the ashes and taking home the firepit along with any left over wood and trash. There are also companies that will come out to build these bonfires for you! After purchasing your permit and simply following these rules and guidelines you will just have started a new tradition that will last a lifetime!