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Pet Friendly Places in Destin Florida


Pet-Friendly Destin!

We love our pets here in Destin! We want them to feel just as welcomed as you are. Check out our list of some prominent pet friendly places in the Destin area. Looks like you won't have to leave your little furry friend home this year!

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Pet-Friendly Rentals

There are many Pet-Friendly vacation rentals in Destin, Fl. The best way to find them is by searching! You can use our “More Filters” option to check for Pet-Friendly rentals when you are searching for the site.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

We strive for all our guests to still have a good time with their pet! Fortunately, many restaurants in the area allow you to bring your pet to eat! Check out our list of local Pet-Friendly restaurants in Destin.

Pet-Friendly Activities

If you bring your pets on vacation, we understand the importance of getting them out and enjoying themselves as well! Destin has many places available for you to bring your dog. From parks to boats, Destin has it all for you and fito. Here we have listed a few of those spots you and your pup should see during your stay!

Pet-Friendly Services

Emergencies occur. If necessary, we want you all to know where you can bring your pet in the case of one.

Pet-Friendly Beaches

Our pets love the beach just as much as we do. As far as bringing your pet on the beach, Okaloosa County and Walton Counties rules differ. Okaloosa makes it very clear they do not allow pets on the beach. On the other hand, Walton County allows property owners to apply for a yearly tag to take your dog on the beach during set hours.

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