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Why Golf Carts are Essential for a Beach Vacation

One of the greatest essentials to any beach vacation are golf carts. Golf carts make it is and fun for any beach vacation. We highly recommend renting or finding a home with a golf cart for your next trip. Here are 4 reasons why you should ditch the hassle and rent a golf cart for your vacation!

Easy Transportation

Golf carts are an efficient way to get around on a beach vacation. According to Florida law, you can drive on any road that has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. Which means, all golf cart users can drive legally along scenic 98. You’ll save money on gas, prevent sand in your vehicle, and avoid walking in the extremely hot temps with a breezy golf cart ride. 

Trips to the Beach

Everything from beach chairs and coolers, to sunblock and beach toys, heading to the beach isn’t always the easiest task. However, golf carts make for a more seamless trip to the beach. Instead of hauling everything by hand and trekking your way on foot, load up the golf cart. Not only will you get their easier and faster, you won’t be covered in sweat. However, the beginning of the beach day does not compare to the end of the beach day. After a full day in the sun, you and your items are covered in sand. Additionally, you will most likely be tired after a long day at the beach and the last thing on your mind is the walk back to the house. The golf cart is there to save the day. Trust us on this one, you’ll be thanking us later!


Golf lovers will typically plan a day of golfing on their vacation. Luckily for you, if you already have a golf cart then that checks one thing off your list! So whether you have one or multiple golf days planned, this is just one more way your golf cart will come in handy on your trip. Most golf courses in the area are accessible by golf cart. 

Golf carts are Fun!

Aside from all the logistical reasons to have a golf cart, they are fun! That’s what vacations are all about, right? Since it’s different from just driving in the car, golf carts add a vacation feeling to the trip. Your whole family will be able to jump in the golf cart and go for a breezy ride along the beach. Also, most golf carts allow you to play music which is a bonus!

If you are looking to rent a golf cart for your next vacation, head on over to our website for golf cart rentals. Another option is to look for a condo or house rental that offers a golf cart, that’s always a great option too. You won’t regret it, have a great vacation!