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Vacation Rental or Hotel in Destin, FL?

Planning a vacation soon? 

When planning a trip, the most important step to make (other than choosing the location) is decide where you will live while on vacation. If you are considering where to stay, we highly suggest vacation rental homes over hotels. We did the digging for you and put together a list of reasons why vacation rentals are the way to go! 


The first thing that comes to mind is the lack of privacy in hotel’s. Sure, you have privacy within the four walls of your hotel room. However, once you step outside your room, all privacy is gone. When you stay in a vacation rental home or condo, you have privacy from the moment you walk in the front door. Also, you will have to watch noise levels in a hotel room. In a vacation rental you have more freedoms on your level of noise. In addition to noise, when you stay in a hotel, you might be woken by the sound of slamming doors from neighbors coming and going or maids walking up and down the hall cleaning. In a vacation rental, you will not have to worry about any noise conflicts. 

Vacation Rentals Save You Money: 

Rental homes offer more for your money! You will have far more living space for the whole crew, a kitchen, and at least two bathrooms. Not to mention, vacation rental homes come stocked with everything you need at no additional cost. Such as cooking spices, plates/utensils, board games, and even pool/beach equipment. You will also save money by not eating out for every meal. Since vacation rental homes offer kitchen you can cook or store food in the refrigerator to save money. The list is truly endless and most of all, you will get more bang for your buck!  

More Security: 

When it comes to staying in a vacation rental, you will have more added security. Vacation rentals do not have staff entering the living spaces, you will have keyless entries where only quest will have the passcode, and parking is onsite or you will have a driveway. All these added security benefits are worth it when investing in a trip. 

Above all else, your vacation rental will feel like home! When you have all these types of perks, security, space, privacy and more - you will feel right at home. The list is truly endless when it comes to vacation rental advantages. If you have any questions, contact us! We would love to help you find your perfect fit rental home for your next vacation.